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Industry Inbox is the best way to communicate with Casting Directors, Agents, Managers and other Industry Influencers by having direct access to their inbox dedicated to receiving communications from talent!

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Want to send a Thank You card to a Casting Director who thought of you for an audition? Want to announce where people can see your work? Looking for representation? Whatever the occasion – Industry Inbox has a campaign thoughtfully designed to keep you in the eyes and minds of industry leaders.

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Dive into our custom design builder to create a visually stunning postcard, mailing or general update. Upload your headshots, manage links and videos – anything needed to make sure you stand out and get noticed!

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Industry Inbox is built to be the most trusted resource for industry leaders to receive updates from talent. Each contact has voluntarily created an account with us, your updates are not only wanted, but encouraged. Join the community!

Support community and environment

Removing waste by digitizing postcards is at the heart of what Industry Inbox does.

We are excited to announce that once a year we will form an Industry Inbox Charity Committee to decide which charities or organizations will receive a portion of our proceeds. We will let the membership know how much their participation helped raise that year and how it will make an impact on the community.

Account Information
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Your Industry Inbox subscription includes the ability to create various eye catching campaigns and personalized cards every month!


We offer everyone an absolutely free account that allows you to play with the platform, create a post card, and start getting your marketing materials ready. When the time comes, you can upgrade to a paid account to start sending!


Our most popular option! The Annual Account not only saves you money, but allows you to utilize the front and back sides of your postcard where you can embed a video! Your subscription starts when you sign up or upgrade then auto-renews the following year. We’ll give a heads up before it does, cancel at any time.


A great option to get your feet wet! You can customize the front of your postcard with your headshot, a link to your webpage or professional acting site, and the ability to write a personalized note. Your subscription starts when you sign up or upgrade then auto-renews the following month. We’ll give you a heads up before it does, cancel any time.

Option to upload additional photos and produce more campaigns are extra.


What is Industry Inbox?
Industry Inbox is a system that allows performers to send customizable ‘postcard’ announcements to Casting Directors, Talent Representatives and other Industry Leaders who have signed up for a virtual mailbox through Industry Inbox.
Why was Industry Inbox created?
Actors and other performers need a way to create and maintain professional relationships with Casting Professionals, Agents and Managers.

With traditional physical mail-in postcards, it is always hit or miss if you have the most current address, not to mention the amount of paper and energy wasted. In addition, with remote work now common place, many professionals will not be giving out a work address, as it is often the same as their home address.

There are Actors who try to promote themselves on a Casting Director’s personal social media page, which is the epitome of spamming and will lead to a negative impression…exactly what you DON’T WANT.

Also, if you are able to obtain the email address for a particular Casting Director, you must know that the email address is reserved for their personal and business use, and should not be clogged by Performers trying to market themselves. That is a sure-fire way to get blocked. And again, your goal is to create a positive professional relationship where you are not intruding on their work space or time. You want them to be happy they have the opportunity to learn about you, and not feel burdened by unprofessional attempts at notoriety.

We are excited to announce that once a year we will form an Industry Inbox Charity Committee to decide which charities or organizations will receive a portion of our proceeds. We will let the membership know how much their participation helped raise that year and how it will make an impact on the community.

What is a campaign?
When an Industry Professional receives your postcard, it is organized by campaign.

This way, depending on how much time they have available to go through their inbox, they can begin with the postcards that are most relevant to them at any particular time.

Current campaign types are:


Additionally, we will periodically be adding campaigns to include holidays and special events for members.

What is customizable on my postcards?
The campaign type is not something you are able to change. It is important for the recipient to know what ‘type’ of postcards are coming to their inbox.

You are always allowed to change fonts, backgrounds, colors, and the text you want on a particular campaign. Depending on who you are sending the postcard campaign to, you can swap out your photo and the external link you are including in your postcard.

Your photos and links will need to be approved by Industry Inbox to ensure they are professional and align with our terms and conditions.

Your links should always be either a personal performers webpage, your IMDB profile, the casting site you most like to use, etc.

Members who purchase the year-long membership option will also be able to embed their demo reel or clips.

What does Industry Inbox consider appropriate as far as postcard content?
We encourage performers to talk about their careers, their hopes, their work, and anything else that is professionally relevant. Including recent work and moving to a new community.

You may not discuss religion, politics, apply pressure for a meeting or in any way make the Casting Professional or Talent Rep feel uncomfortable. A violation of Industry Inbox terms and conditions could result in removal from the platform without notice or refund.

All Industry Professionals will have the ability to BLOCK a sender if they feel they are being spammed or approached in an unprofessional or rude manner.

Members will not be notified if individual professionals have blocked them.

So use your best judgment to ensure this does not happen to you.

If the Industry Professional feels you have really crossed a line, then they will BLOCK AND REPORT you to Industry Inbox, who will investigate the complaint. If the Industry Professional has mistakenly reported you, or staff determines your actions were not inappropriate, no action will be taken. However, if staff learns that your actions and campaigns contained harassing or inappropriate content, your membership will be revoked without refund and you will be banned from further use of the site.

Will the Industry professional actually view my postcards?
All Industry professionals who sign up for Industry Inbox do so knowing Performers like yourself will be sending marketing material. How often they check their inbox, and what they do with the postcards is completely up to them. There is no time pressure applied to the professionals, just like there would be no way to control when your physically mailed postcard would be viewed. We guarantee it will reach their inbox and we will periodically send them reminders to check the postcards they have waiting.
Will the Industry Professional respond to me personally?
Industry Inbox is not a social media site.

We do not facilitate communication outside of your postcard campaigns. However, the professionals will have the ability to send back an emoji if they wish. These include encouragement and an acknowledgement that they like what you have written or applaud you for sticking with it.

Will I get representation or auditions through my membership with Industry Inbox?
We do not promise representation or any auditions.

It is important to learn about this business so you can understand the function of Industry Inbox is to allow you to market yourself in a professional manner to Entertainment Professionals. We hope you are able to amplify your number of auditions or meetings by creating and maintaining relationships that will transform as people get to know you and your talent.

Will I be spammed if I become a member of Industry Inbox?

We are totally against wasting people’s time.

We will send you periodic updates, let know when someone has sent an emoji in response to your campaign, and inform you about exclusive special events for members, as long as you are a current member in good standing. We also keep all email addresses private and never market them to 3rd party companies.

We will allow advertisers to create postcards you can choose to view on our site, if you wish. These may include Casting Directors who are teaching classes, podcasts you should be aware of, and other services for performers.

How many Industry Professionals have inboxes with Industry Inbox?
Launched in 2021, after realizing that remote work may become standard in entertainment, Industry Inbox has reached out to the Casting Community in Los Angeles and is making their way through the other markets and regions in the U.S and across the globe. Keep checking back to see who else has created an inbox!
How do I know the Casting Professionals and Talent Reps who have inboxes are legitimate?
All Entertainment Professionals on Industry Inbox have gone through a thorough vetting process. We make it very hard for someone to get an inbox if they do not have professional credits and a reputation in the community.

Have a question that hasn’t been answered? Reach out and we will be happy to help!

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